30.09.2022 — 15.10.2022

Separated by survival blankets, as a metaphor to the crumbling walls of a space once called "safe", the twenty-four shots that make up Legami Residui ed Altre Macerie, Residual Ties and Other Rubble, highlight the fragmentation, non-linearity, as well as the environmental correlations of the psychological experience - central elements to Valerio Muscella's photographic aesthetic.

Between April and May 2022, the Roman photojournalist spent four weeks in Ukraine, chronicling a territory at war, and portraying its human relationships. The often elusive psychological consequences caused by the war conflict are explored through a wide spectrum of "trauma" and "frozen memories." Through the images, the viewer is called to explore different dialogues, with itself & the environment.

Brought together by a repressed sense of the nullification of the boundary between "public" and "private," between "inner" and "outer" space, the experiences of the people portrayed do not allow a clear distinction between "resistance" and "resilience," proposing a challenging perspective.

Valerio Muscella-freelance documentary photographer based in Rome, is co-founder of Arcipelago-19 and co-author in the new release "Un'estate fa" (ctrlmagazine 2022); author of the book "Motus: Camps, borders, rights (published in 2018 by Galeone) and the award-winning Webdocumentary "4Stelle Hotel" (2014). He has been published in several international newspapers; he has been involved in projects in Bolivia, Albania and Turkey alongside asylum seekers, political refugees and unaccompanied minors; he has been following and documenting migration flows in Europe and the Middle East since 2011. Over the years, Muscella's photographic research has shown increasing convergence with his background in "clinical and community psychology," complemented by the use of various phototherapy techniques (cf. J. Weiser).

Author: Valerio Muscella
Curated by: Edoardo Tedone, Ferrario Mari, Sole
Photographic post production: Natalia Alana
Ukrainian translation by: Irina Zbarakh
Print by Laboratorio Fotografico Professionale, Fotosciamanna di Sergio Casella
Graphic design: Sofia Otto
Hosted by: @ultrablupublishing @spazio_ultrablu @libreria_ultrablu

Piazza Americo Capponi, 7
00193 Roma RM