March 8 — April 11, 2021
@Het Nieuwe Instituut

I had the pleasure to take part to the 3rd act of Moving in Stasis, an unfolding exhibition of 60 design Academy Eindhoven Graduates (2020) at Het Nieuwe Instituut, Rotterdam.

I featured with an audio essay on the podcasts section of the public programme (8th - 11th April), retracing my thesis research through music and audio extracts.

Candiani131 · View From La Cité

Welcome - Hatik
Extract from 'Hexagone' by Malik Chibane
Rozzi - Paky
Extract from 'Designing Urban Seclusion' by Loi Wacquant
Deux Frères - PNL
Extract from 'Clique X Sofiane'
Ciny - Sfera Ebbasta
Extract from 'Villeneuve, le Rêve Brisé' (Envoyé Spécial, France 2)
Des Malades - Sofiane
Extract from 'Clique X Sofiane'
Notre Dame - Neima Ezza
Vréalité - Kekra Feat Niska
Lingerie - Tedua Feat Sfera Ebbasta
N'tiekar - Dinos
Fashion Week RMX - Tedua Feat Sofiane
Extract from Fred Moten interviewed by Mark Anthony Neal
Les Princes de la Ville - 113